About us


The history of the company begins with a young visionary: Ralf Möller. With his interest in seals and craftsmanship, he started very small, as a start-up, in 1994. More than a quarter of a century later, the one-man company has become an employer for 140 employees and trainees. Based in Hecklingen (Saxony-Anhalt), Ralf Möller established two innovative medium-sized companies in the sealing market: Möller-Industrietechnik GmbH and Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH. The product range includes standard and special flat gaskets, metal and metal-soft gaskets as well as industrial plastics. The computer-aided production of large and small series is supplemented by manual production.




Seals made by Möller are used, for example, in the chemical industry, in refineries and in pipeline and apparatus construction. The range of possibilities extends from 3 millimetres to 10 metres - from the standard household tap seal to the large metal seal. Appropriate quality assurance is guaranteed by an integrated management system including our own testing laboratory. Sufficient storage capacities at the site ensure the stocking of more than 2200 materials and thus fast order realisation and short delivery times to customers at home and abroad.


Since its foundation in 1994, many victories have been celebrated, but also numerous challenges have been overcome. Probably the biggest came in 2019 after the sudden death of the company's owner. The family members and employees of the companies mourned the loss of a loving, ambitious person and the epitome of an entrepreneur. While saddened, business had to continue and there was a generational change at the management level. Since then, his wife Doreen Möller has continued to run the business as the main partner and managing director, and his two sons Mathias and Lukas as managing directors. Their emotional attachment to the business is very strong. Möllers now look to the future, but never forget their roots and the responsibility towards the late founder.

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