Employee Anniversary

15 Oct

It is hard to believe, but it has happened again!

In the meantime, we congratulate our 15th employee on his 20th company anniversary.

Dear Torsten,
thank you for your many years of loyalty and experience. You are welcome to stay with us for a long time!
In any case, we wish you many more wonderful years with us.

And in case you didn't know it yet, you are now an official member of the exclusive 20-member club.
The other 14 members will certainly give you a warm welcome:

- Ronny Jelinek
- Robert Stankiewicz
- Manuela Bulla
- Michael Marx
- Beate Jünemann
- Ronald Michalak
- Christine Madeheim
- Thomas Heller
- Kathrin Stagun
- Beate Wenzel
- Doreen Möller
- Ulrike Hofmann
- Manuela Schulze
- Elke Kursch

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