Certificates and Approvals

Every year we undergo audits in order to prove our quality-conscious thinking and acting.

We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 45001:2018.

Should you require the certificates for your documents, they are of course available for free download.

Here you will find our latest approvals and certificates.

Declaration by the company Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH:
Important questions about the required certificates and test certificates

Why is proof of tightness according to TA Luft in accordance with VDI 2440 room temperatures required?
We develop and manufacture our seals in accordance with the emission minimization requirement according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) §5 paragraph (1) for systems requiring approval and §22 paragraph (1) for systems that do not require approval.
We also provide the TA Luft certificate at room temperature / 20 ° C in order to meet the requirement of the BImSchG according to TA Luft in paragraph of the conformity of the guideline VDI 2440 and the requirement of the third point in paragraph Proof of compliance with operating conditions. It is not the highest operating temperature in a plant, but that of the individual systems. The BImSchG requires the use of the state of the art for systems requiring approval in §5 paragraph (1) under 2. and in §22 paragraph (1)   paragraph 1. and 2..
It is state of the art that seals become denser under temperature. So if the leakage requirement from VDI 2440 is met at RT / 20 ° and with high aging, it can safely be assumed that the requirements will also be met at temperatures in between.

Can TA Luft certificates be provided by independent third parties?
We would like to point out that our TA Luft certificates are created in the company laboratory and are fully valid! In VDI 2440, the second paragraph of section states: The manufacturer provides proof on a test specimen representative of the sealing system. The manufacturer documents the test conditions and results and makes them available on request.
The TA Luft certificate is therefore not to be provided by third parties!

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