Blind Gaskets

Thickness reduced by high-strength materials

With our MMD-BD Blind Gaskets we make a significant contribution to your operational safety. To fulfill all the legal requirements our blind gaskets are identified with all the necessary data (batch traceability). We make a special contribution to safety by identifying the weight on the identification label.

By using high-strength materials, the thickness can be reduced and thus the installation be simplified. We achieve weight reductions of up to 40 % compared with conventional materials. The blind gaskets are available in all customary designs for standard flanges as well as for customized applications.

Among other things, we manufacture

  • Type A - Blind disk
  • Type B - Perforated disc
  • Type C - Butterfly disc
  • Type D - Blind spectacle gaskets
  • Type E - Blind spectacle gaskets, turnable


  • Increased operational safety
  • Easier installation
  • Strengthened environmental protection due to use of premium MMD-gaskets

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