Lightning current carrying seals

according to the regulations

Protect your equipment

According to DVGW regulation G491, operators of gas-carrying systems in hazardous areas are obliged to integrate electrically conductive parts into the equipotential bonding system so that they are capable of carrying lightning currents. This can be ensured by a screw connection with metallic contact surfaces with applied corrosion protection or with electrically conductive seals.

Regardless of whether it is a conductive cable in general plant construction or in pipeline construction. Where lightning current must be conducted or longitudinal conductivity must be provided, as required by the regulations, the corrugated ring seals and comb profile seals mentioned here can be used.

Protect yourself

As there was no proof of compliance with the requirements until now, ISOflanges, together with a team of experts, has developed a defined test procedure that proves the lightning current carrying capacity.  This information about the applied procedure was made available to the DVGW. ISOflanges is thus the first manufacturer to provide proof of the lightning current carrying capacity of the gaskets manufactured by us, which gives you the certainty of meeting the requirements of the regulations. You will receive an APZ 3.1 and the manufacturer's declaration with every delivery.

Description of application

  • Lightning current carrying capacity up to 75 kA (waveform 10/350 µs)
  • Use as lightning protection system according to DIN EN 62305-3 (VDE 0185-305-3) in compliance with the installation conditions
  • Fulfilment of the minimum requirements according to "Ignition source prevention as a result of lightning" of the DVGW G491 Code of Practice
  • Application as lightning protection system component according to DIN EN 62561-1:2017-12 in non-hazardous areas or in hazardous areas of zone 2 / 22
  • ATEX 2014/34/EU not necessary as no own potential ignition source

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