Cap Seal Gaskets

Sealing of fittings and sieves

The sealing of fittings and sieves with steam at high temperatures and pressures is carried out by means of pressure seal bonnets. Under pressure, the gap between the components widens, which can lead to the extrusion of the graphite. Caps (-C) are used to reliably prevent this, and cap seal gaskets with caps (MMD-CS, CS-IC-C, CS-OS-C) have proven themselves over decades. The gaskets are manufactured in various shapes (rectangular, with internal bevel (-IS) or external bevel (-OS). An optimal solution is the type CS-SC. The cover has a horizontal surface to the gap. This means that a right-angled cap can be used which cannot be pressed into the gap.

Spindle Sealings, Gland Packings

The most common variants are compression molded rings of the MMD-GP-MR type made of graphite or PTFE-graphite compounds. To reduce friction and diffusion, the graphite packing ring can be provided with a PTFE shell (PTFEJacked) of the MMD-GP-MR-TFJ type. To reliably prevent blow-out, compression molded graphite rings with burst protection rings (blow-out preventers) of the MMD-GP-BOP type are chambered from laminated graphite flat gaskets with metallic smooth foil inserts.

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