Shutdown Service

For smooth maintenance

Container Service

Handling of shutdown demands using a container service of Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH at your premises during plant shutdown. Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH installs containers on your site. The container is equipped with an assortment of gaskets, graphite strips, packings and sheet materials according to your needs. Monitoring/ replenishment of stocks is performed by Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH in consultation with the responsible staff of the operator.

Upon request, the complete material supply of gaskets and sealing materials can be provided.

In order to do that, we need to set up stocks of the desired materials timely, about 2 to 3 weeks before the shutdown starts, and make available authorized personnel. This saves the operator from double handling. The material is released after sampling inspection by an authorized employee of the operator.


Standard delivery program

  • Flat gaskets with and without eyelets
  • Spiral-wound gaskets
  • Corrugated ring gaskets, corrugated frames
  • Cam-profile gaskets
  • Ring joint gaskets
  • Weld ring gaskets
  • Lens gaskets

All products are manufactured according to industrial standards and according to drawings and can be supplied with TÜV certificates 3.1, 3.2, etc. on request. Furthermore, the container is equipped with cutting tools, enabling us to make gaskets that meet your requirements on-site. Cam-profile gaskets can be processed in a timely manner with existing graphite material.

The processing or production is carried out by qualified personnel of Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH. These employees also perform the necessary tasks for the short-term procurement of urgently needed seals. Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH is responsible for the erection and dismantling of containers and their equipment. The processing or preparation takes place with qualified personnel of Möller Metall-Dichtungen GmbH. These technicians also handle all necessary tasks related to the short-term procurement of urgently needed gaskets. Installation as well as removal of the containers and their equipment is the responsibility of Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH.

Handling of additional demands

An additional demand of sealing materials, which are not stored on site and can not be made there, is indicated by a completed material requirement form by your employees at the container. Our container staff verify the completeness and organize the production of the items needed.

Delivery is made with 24/48 hour service directly to the container or your incoming goods department.

Quality assurance

All products supplied by Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH undergo their incoming goods inspection before delivery to the container.

Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH undertakes that no goods will leave the container unless they have been inspected and released by the incoming goods department.


The container is available during shutdown from Monday to Saturday at the agreed times. On Sundays or public holidays a container service is also possible after consultation.

Safety instructions and protective equipment

The employee(s) of Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH will take part in a safety briefing on how to behave on your company premises in good time before the start of their work. The employee's personal protective equipment includes safety clothing, safety goggles, safety gloves and protective helmet and is provided by Möller-Metalldichtungen GmbH.


The settlement of account of the delivered materials and services is based on prior arrangement or agreement. Following relevant orders for gasket supplies the shutdown service will be free of charge for the plant operator. Billing for the manufacture of purpose-made gaskets as a part of the service will be within the known price range for larger or smaller gaskets.

Your benefits

  • Relief for disposition and purchasing - comprehensive, independent handling by Moeller Metall-Dichtungen GmbH
  • No additional staffing costs
  • Significant time savings through direct paths
  • Smooth operation of your maintenance or repair work